interest based Learning

Becoming the person they have the potential to be through opportunities to explore, create, problem solve and discover and by experiencing acceptance, respect and trust - that's what we want for your child.
Children learn best when they are interested and engaged in their play and feel safe and welcome - that's the environment we provide.

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Early Years Learning Framework

At Mudgee Little Learners we want to inspire all children to respect and value the environment in which we live. In all our programs we are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework which focuses on 5 learning outcomes:


Children have a strong sense of who they are


Children are effective communicators


Every child has a strong sense of wellbeing

Connect & Contribute

All children have the ability to contribute and connect to the natural environment


Confident and involved children are catalysts for their own learning

We know that every child is a unique individual who will learn at her or his own pace.
By integrating all of these five outcomes into our learning framework we can provide a holistic and well-rounded experience for the early stages of your child’s development. On one hand participation in and collaboration with families and the local community is seen as an evolving resource, essential to the development of the child’s sense of belonging. On the other hand our educators give them the tools and the support they need to progress their learning and develop their skills and confidence.

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A recent survey found that 70% of parents were more likely to send their child to a centre that used Storypark. 96% of educators think Storypark has improved day-to-day practice and 97% of parents believe it has enabled them to become more involved in their child’s learning.

And that’s why we love it!

Storypark enables us tecord and communicate learning as it happens by sharing photos, video, audio, observations and routines within a secure online environment. Storypark is used by many of the leading childcare centres in Australia.

Through Storypark, Mudgee Little Learners benefits by having high-level training and assistance on hand with a large community of professional early learning educators. We provide personalised learning on a new scale, with parents able to receive fresh feedback on their child’s progress.

What do we love about Storypark?

Storypark connects children, educators and families like never before. Through Storypark we are able to communicate learning as via a multitude of mediums. Parents and caregivers can see how their child is progressing, what kind of learning interests them and where some more attention may be given.